Let’s Keep the Momentum Going!

In 2019, we called on you, our supporters, to take action and let the provincial government know that they needed to increase New Brunswick’s protected nature. At the time, New Brunswick had the worst record in Canada for protecting nature, with less than 5% of the province protected.  


Since then, New Brunswick committed to protecting 10% of the province through the Nature Legacy Initiative - a contribution to Canada's overall protected areas targets. In July 2022, the government of New Brunswick announced almost 100,000 ha of new protected areas. This is another step towards reaching their 10% goal.


We are asking you once again to help us call on the province to keep their promise. They should be working towards prioritizing both nature protection and collaboration with Indigenous Nations in order to set NB on a path for future conservation action. 


Send a letter letting our government know you are watching for next steps and continued action! It will also let them know you support this first step, so they will keep going! Your letter will be sent to your MLA, the Minister of Natural Resources, the Minister of the Environment and the Premier.


Reminder: Our template letter is a good start, but personalizing it goes a long way into making sure it is seen by your government representatives. Consider changing the subject line and including a few sentences about why the issue is important to you.