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The threat of coal development still looms over Alberta’s Rockies. Let the government know you want a brighter future for your Eastern Slopes. 


The Eastern Slopes of the Rockies are a cherished place.  

This region is home to the iconic landscapes and wildlife that make Alberta unique. It has provided a bountiful good living for those who reside there and an amazing outdoor escape for those who visit. 

Alberta’s Coal Policy was meant to protect these sensitive areas but was suddenly cancelled last year, causing a devastating ripple effect. And although the policy has since been reinstated, the impacts of its removal have been extreme. 

Some damage is already done with more to come.  

Devastating exploration activity has already started, coal projects are still moving forward, and lack of transparency has made it difficult for Albertans to trust this process. Many Albertans, live, or spend their weekends and holidays in the very landscapes that are now overrun with coal mining exploration roads and test drill pits.  

With tens of thousands of Albertans raising concerns over the cancellation of the Coal Policy, it’s clear that Albertans want more protections for their Rocky Mountains. Now Albertans want to see definitive protections for the Eastern Slopes to ensure our that our shared landscape is secured for future generations to enjoy.  

How does Alberta move forward to find a better future for our beloved Eastern Slopes? 

Our team at CPAWS believes that the first step must be immediate action to reverse the effects of the Coal Policy’s removal. To help restore Albertans’ faith and trust, the Government of Alberta should immediately: 

  • Put a stop to all coal exploration activities in the Eastern Slopes; 
  • Stop issuing any new exploration permits in the Eastern Slopes; 
  • Cancel all coal leases issued since June 1, 2020; 
  • Uphold water allocation policy commitments to prioritize community and ecological health. Industrial coal projects should not receive special treatment; and 
  • Launch a pre-engagement to fully understand the public’s vision for the Eastern Slopes.

Ultimately, our team believes that a much broader consultation process is needed to determine the future of Alberta’s Eastern Slopes, with contribution from the public and Indigenous governments and communities. This process should not solely aim for a policy that enables coal development. Instead, it should be a long-term, comprehensive plan that ensures our Eastern Slopes are protected and guarantees the health and safety of Albertans.  

What can you do to help? 

Send a letter today to the Minister of Energy. Let our government know that we want to see our Eastern Slopes protected, and this process cannot start from a place of bad faith.