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Invest in Nature in the 2021 Federal Budget

We have the biggest opportunity in a generation to conserve nature. But to achieve this we need the federal government to follow through on its commitments to protect 25% of Canada’s land and ocean by 2025, and 30% by 2030, by investing in nature. We need your help to make this happen. It is time to act. 

This is urgent! The federal government is currently defining its next budget, and investment in nature needs to be a priority. Even in the midst of a pandemic, biodiversity loss and climate change are still among the greatest threats to humanity. Canada can set the tone globally for nature protection by ensuring the country’s ecosystems and wildlife recover with us.

We encourage you to personalize the form letter below to further highlight the importance of nature to you and your family, now and for the future.

Your letter will be sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland. A copy will also go to your Member of Parliament.

Prime Minister
Government of Canada / Gouvernment du Canada
Government of Canada