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Tell the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans: Urgent protection needed for Howe Sound’s Glass Sponge Reefs


Thanks to your call for further research, last summer DFO confirmed five additional living glass sponge reefs in the area which are now in need of the same protections. Now, we need your help to establish equal protection for these remaining glass sponge reefs.

Once thought extinct, glass sponge reefs are a unique ecological treasure on BC’s coast. These fragile structures provide shelter for critical species like rockfish and prawns while also working to filter the ocean.

There is no time left to waste. Glass sponge reefs already face a myriad of threats including damage from fishing gear and rising ocean temperatures. This is our chance to give glass sponge reefs a shot at survival on the frontlines of a changing ocean. Will you add your voice?

Send a letter Minister Jordan, Fisheries and Oceans Canada. We’ve prepared a letter for you to start with, but we encourage you to edit it or write your own!

Here are some ways to customize your letter:

  • Mention your concern for the rapidly changing ocean on marine life and the community
  • Talk about why Howe Sound's marine ecosystem is important to you
  • Fishing restrictions and declining fish populations have hit some families hard. Marine reserves help ensure the future of our local fisheries. What does a healthy marine economy mean for you?


Dept. of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard