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We know our voices make a difference

We live in a province where people are extremely passionate about enjoyment and protection of our beautiful outdoors. Just last year, thousands of Albertans successfully stood up to defend our parks against a decision to remove and close up to 175 sites from the parks system.

New legislative changes could affect many more than the 175 sites we fought to protect in 2020 - they could affect our entire parks system. The fight is not over yet, and Albertans will defend our parks for as long as we need to. Together, our voices have made a difference and they can continue to do so.

Use our letter-writing tool below to let the Government of Alberta know what you want to see for the future of our parks and public lands.

This letter will be sent to your Member of the Legislative Assembly, the Premier of Alberta, the Minister of Environment and Parks, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, the Minister of Energy, and the Environment Critic for the Official Opposition.