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2021 Update: In December 2020, the Government of Alberta announced that they would no longer delist or close 175 of Alberta's parks. However, the laws that protect our parks and public lands are being changed. Please visit our new action page for more information and to send a letter.


Alberta Parks need your voice. In March,The Government of Alberta announced the removal of 164 parks and the closure of 20 campsites and day-use areas, impacting a total of 175 parks and provincial recreation areas. CPAWS Northern and Southern Alberta chapters have been pushing for this decision to be reversed, but protecting Alberta’s parks is not possible without you!

  • 164 parks have been identified to have their  protection removed, reverted to public land opened for other land-uses or private partnerships.
  • Other impacts include closing busy visitor centres, discontinuing popular groomed cross-country ski trails, shortening the operating season for many campgrounds and increasing camping and service fees at all sites.
  • 17 of the 20 originally closed sites will now be operated temporarily for summer 2020 - meaning Albertans are being heard! It is important that you ask your MLA to keep our parks protected permanently!

What’s at stake? Sites without interest from a private partner will revert to vacant public land – This could lead to these areas being used for industrial resource extraction instead of conservation such as, sale for agricultural uses, forest harvest, or coal mining.

This will result in the loss of 37% of all parks in the province, disproportionately affecting campgrounds, but also including several areas expressly meant to provide wilderness education and conservation of the land. The closure and removal of parks poses a serious threat to our quality of life, natural heritage and economic recovery.These changes were made without any public consultation. Many of these parks have provided reliable camping areas for Albertans to safely enjoy and make memories with friends and family for decades. 

Click here to see which of your favorite camping locations are included, and here to see a map showing all of the impacted parks across the province. 

Here is how you can help Defend Alberta Parks: 

  1. Send a letter to your MLA and the Minister of Environment and Parks using the CPAWS template
  2. Call your MLA and ask them to reverse these changes (find your MLA) 
  3. Participate in our Protest in the Parks - pack a #DefendABParks sign when you go on your next adventure in the parks. Snap a picture, email us or tag us on social media 
  4. Write a letter to the editor to your local newspaper
  5. Submit your favourite park memory to our Mapping Memories Project
  6. Request a Defend Alberta Parks lawn sign  

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