Save Owls Head Provincial Park Reserve

photo credit: Vision Air

The Nova Scotia government has secretly de-listed Owls Head Provincial Park Reserve and is now preparing to sell-off these public lands to a private developer who is interested in building golf courses.

This decision was made behind-closed-doors with ZERO public consultation. The only reason why this delisting is known is because of the investigative reporting by Michael Gorman at CBC Nova Scotia.

We urgently need your help to STOP the Nova Scotia government from selling off this coastal park for private development.

Please send an email to Premier Stephen McNeil that calls on the government to 1) stop the sale of public lands at Owls Head, and 2) immediately protect these lands using the Wilderness Areas Protection Act.

More letters are needed!! Despite the public outcry, the Nova Scotia government has shown very little interest in stepping back from selling off these public lands.

High Conservation Value

Owls Head has been a provincial park reserve since the 1970’s. It is also included in the Nova Scotia Our Parks and Protected Areas Plan, which seeks to protect the most ecologically significant areas remaining in the province. Legal protection was supposed to be put in place for Owls Head no later than 2015, but the Nova Scotia government has been dragging its feet with the full implementation of the protected areas plan.

Owls Head is an extremely important property for conservation, occurring within the Eastern Shore Islands area. It contains a globally rare ecosystem, as well as habitat for several species-at-risk, including the endangered piping plover. Only about 5% of Nova Scotia’s coastline is publicly owned and protected.

We must STOP the Nova Scotia government from selling off these important coastal lands.

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