Ontario continues slashing forestry environmental rules

The Ontario Government has a plan for the forest industry consistent with the stated priorities of the Ford government to ‘reduce red tape’, ‘create prosperity and ‘ensure Ontario is open for business’.

What we see, however, is the gutting of environmental laws and rules that would steamroll the sustainability of public forests and trample Ontario’s reputation in the marketplace. Ontario has  already proposed exempting forestry operations from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Environmental Assessment Act.  It is also proposing to give away up to 15 million m3 of wood supply without a clear plan that also includes communities, protecting at risk species and ensuring a safe climate.

And to make matters worse, Ontario has already begun implementing the draft strategy without waiting for and responding to comments. It makes a mockery of the public consultation process.

Please send the letter below to the Ontario Government telling them to hit the brakes on its radical proposals that would only benefit the forest industry.

UPDATE: Read our Wildlands League submission on the Proposed Draft Forest Sector Strategy

Read the Wildlands League submission on endangered species and forestry.

Read what scientists are saying on endangered species and forestry.

Deadline for submission is February 18th. Please help us get in as many comments as possible to respond to these troubling proposals created behind closed doors for a select few forestry companies.


Environmental Assessment and Permissions Branch