Share your support for National Urban Parks


Do you love Edmonton’s River Valley? The North Saskatchewan River Valley in the Edmonton region has the unique opportunity to join a National Urban Park Network.  

Email your MLA to let them know you support National Urban Parks and would like to see Alberta be a part of a national network of urban parks. The Edmonton region has been chosen as one of the six initial potential sites, but other opportunities could arise across the country, if local communities express their interest and make a case for the national significance of an area.  
People are increasingly seeking accessible ways to connect with nature, especially if they are located within, or near, an urban centre. A national urban park can present a lot of opportunities for a region: for nature conservation, to contribute to reconciliation, to connect communities, and to increase accessibility to nature. 
The process of creating a National Urban Park would include many opportunities for public engagement, a fact that has been obscured with misinformation in the reasoning for the passing of Bill 204.  

 Your voice is needed to express your support for a potential National Urban Park in Edmonton to keep the momentum going for this initiative.  

 Your letter will be sent to your MLA based on your provided postal code. A copy will be sent to the Minister of Environment and Protected Areas, the Minister of Forestry and Parks, the Minister of Municipal Affairs, the Premier of Alberta, the City of Edmonton and Bill 204’s sponsor, MLA for Leduc-Beaumont.