Help BC's provincial parks get the funding they deserve!

BC’s parks system is the largest provincial park system in Canada, covering 14.4% of the province, yet it remains one of the worst funded per-hectare in the country.

BC’s parks are attracting more visitors than ever before, and the pressure on natural areas and recreation infrastructure like trails and campsites is mounting. 

The BC Parks budget sits at a much-improved $70M, but it falls short of what is needed to maintain BC’s expansive park system and protect Nature. 

Increasing investment in BC’s provincial parks is needed to maintain existing infrastructure like trails and boardwalks, establish new parks, and develop new trails and campsites across the province.

Send a letter to your elected leader calling on the provincial government to increase funding for BC's parks to $100 million—the amount experts agree is needed to ensure parks support wildlife, natural areas, and people.

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