Protect Assiniboine Forest


Winnipeg’s treasured Assiniboine Forest is the largest urban forest in Canada. Yet this incredible space is unprotected and at risk from development. 


A simple 2/3 city council vote is all it would take for the forest’s 711 acres to be opened up to developers. 


The good news is that the city has already entered into an agreement with the federal government to establish a National Urban Park in Winnipeg.


We need your help to encourage the City of Winnipeg to designate the Assiniboine Forest as a National Urban Park and protect this natural gem from being unnaturally developed. 


Assiniboine Forest is the natural choice for Winnipeg’s first National Urban Park. The federal designation could create jobs for park maintenance, management and interpretive programs


The Forest could also be expanded by using federal funds to acquire neighbouring undeveloped lands, adding much-needed natural space to our city.

Take action now and send a letter to Mayor Scott Gillingham and all 15 city councillors with this one simple form. 

Mayor Gillingham and City Councillors:

You may edit the letter before sending by clicking on the box above. To maximize its impact, your letter will also be sent to Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Canada Steven Guilbeault and Member of Parliament Terry Duguid.