photo credit: Alain Belliveau

Your help is urgently needed to save West Mabou Beach Provincial Park.

Once again, this ecologically-significant coastal park is being threatened by a proposed golf course development.

If this development is allowed to proceed, it will create a terrible precedent that will threaten all other parks and protected areas in Nova Scotia.

West Mabou Beach Provincial Park is a legally-established protected area that contains rare ecosystems and numerous species-at-risk, including the endangered piping plover which nests on the beach.

Very little of Nova Scotia’s coastline is publicly-owned, and even less is legally-protected. West Mabou Beach is an important park within the provincial system of protected areas.

Please take a few moments to send a letter to Premier Tim Houston urging him to reject this golf course development. Your letter will be copied to the Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables, and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

The best letters are short and personal. Please consider inserting a few sentences of your own into the letter below. Letters can also be emailed directly to [email protected].

Thank you.

Government of Nova Scotia